We're the Second Fastest Growing FinTech in Sweden

Posted by Raiha Buchanan on 3/5/19 1:40 PM
Raiha Buchanan
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For the second consecutive year, the Financial Times has recognised us as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. This year we have advanced from 3rd place to 2nd within the FinTech category in Sweden.

We're the Second Fastest Growing FinTech in Sweden

“Our fast-paced growth is the result of a global necessity for quick, easy and responsible tools for credit risk. Leading business innovation and a dynamic team that understands market idiosyncrasies, have been the driving factors pushing us to the forefront of the FinTech landscape,” explains Simon Edström, CEO of Instantor.

We were founded in 2010 in Stockholm. Instantor has rapidly expanded across three continents by making use of advanced Machine Learning techniques and a robust international team. Over the last three years, our company has grown significantly, and we are always working on new and exciting projects. But, the real secret to our success is that we have always prioritised compliance and improving the security and stability of all of our products. Now, Instantor has 300+ integrated banks in over 25 markets, with 200 clients in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

“We are a Swedish based startup, home to the most unicorns per capita in the world and the fact that we can still be the second fastest growing FinTech in Sweden says a lot about the passion and drive of our team.” Helene Stafferöd Westerlund, CTO of Instantor.

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