The True Meaning of Working at Instantor

Nov 22, 2018 / by Raiha Buchanan

What does it mean to be a part of something bigger? To us, it means working together as a team towards one mutual goal. In our case, that goal is to allow financial organisations to help more, at less risk.

On our quest towards financial inclusion, occasionally we encounter certain challenges – challenges that are sometimes resolved by the fact that we are such a diverse and multicultural team, and sometimes caused by it. 

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How Digitalisation in Finance is Simplifying our Lives

Oct 3, 2018 / by Raiha Buchanan

We were asked to give a talk at Almi HQ in Stockholm, where a banking delegation was taking place with CEO’s of venture firms and startups from all over Europe. The idea was for us to represent a northern perspective of the tech-sector, with ‘digitalisation’ as the theme. Here at Instantor, we take pride in being a part of supporting the tech-community to grow, share knowledge and challenge one another. In other words, that was of course something we were happy to do.

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We're Sweden's First Authorised AISP Fintech Under PSD2

Sep 25, 2018 / by Simon Edström - CEO

We're proud to announce we’ve been approved to operate as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) in Sweden, by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen). We’re the first authorised AISP FinTech in the country, allowing us to build and provide better and even more relevant services.

The Swedish FSA's approval means we can continue developing products that support consumers to prove their true financial capacity. We see it as an important step in helping the financing industry to digitise its processes, as well as a significant step for the future of our company.

Image Credit: Hanson Lu

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Your Opportunity to Reach Half a Billion People

Sep 4, 2018 / by Helene Stafferöd Westerlund

2018 has been a fantastic year for Swedish startups. In the past 8 months alone, Stockholm has given birth to 3 new unicorns, and has been home to some of the world's biggest tech exits, including the $29B IPO of home-grown Spotify in April.

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Welcome to Instantor

Jul 25, 2018 / by Andrijana Kos Kavran


Here at the Instantor Zagreb office, the working environment is hugely important to us. We realise that behind every great business is a team of happy people, and it is our responsibility as an innovative company to make that happen. Our culture is centred around a shared set of beliefs, values, and practices. By having a great environment we can attract and retain the best talent, and importantly, have fun while doing it! A happy culture leads to pleased customers and to satisfied employees in return; it’s at the heart of everything we do.

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Building FinTech Unicorns: The New Face of AI

Jun 26, 2018 / by Raiha Buchanan

Today, Instantor, the Swedish FinTech company making financial decisions easy, has launched a new global identity designed by Essen International. The new branding, described as Artificial Intelligence conceptualised into visual form, will be rolled out across our 25 markets in Europe, South and North America, and in Asia. As Instantor enters into an exciting phase, where we are expanding on all levels, from our team to our offerings, branding has never been more crucial.

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The Future of Tech, Unicorns and the Funnel!

Jun 4, 2018 / by Sarah Kok

Recently, we were lucky enough to present at a local Stockholm event together with PHD Media and Google. The event focused on the topic of the future of technology. For technology nerds like us, this was an excellent opportunity to hear some alternative perspectives on the future.

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5 Common AWS and Security Startup Mistakes

Jun 1, 2018 / by Neven Vučinić

Startups are a lot like teenagers. Remember when you were a teenager and your parents said something like "You'll understand when you get older," and how frustrating that could be? And then, years later you do understand and realise they were right? This is precisely how it is for startups; they are still learning how to do everything. This post is about one of those things teenagers (or should I say startups) don't understand yet. And they should!

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