The big Challenges Faced in KYC Implementation Today

Oct 25, 2018 / by Helene Stafferöd Westerlund

Recent developments, such as the European Union’s 4th AML Directive, highlight the challenges faced by financial institutions in ensuring KYC compliance in a continuously evolving regulatory landscape. It is now required that European companies disclose information regarding the beneficial owners. However, it’s extremely difficult to create best practices that multinational financial institutions can follow.

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The Secret of Speeding up Commercial Risk Management

Oct 12, 2018 / by Helene Stafferöd Westerlund

The recent announcement by Santander to partner with nCino to support its business banking activities comes as no great surprise. Although nCino claims its platform offers benefits across the entire commercial banking model, it is the improvements in loan origination — a reduction of 40% in the time taken for loan decisions — that’s driving Santander’s initial implementation activities. 

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KYC: What's the big Deal?

Oct 9, 2018 / by Dario Boroš

When you are figuring out what the future of KYC looks like, you first have to understand its current scope and what it looks like today. 

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5 Common AWS and Security Startup Mistakes

Jun 1, 2018 / by Neven Vučinić

Startups are a lot like teenagers. Remember when you were a teenager and your parents said something like "You'll understand when you get older," and how frustrating that could be? And then, years later you do understand and realise they were right? This is precisely how it is for startups; they are still learning how to do everything. This post is about one of those things teenagers (or should I say startups) don't understand yet. And they should!

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