The Benefits of Democratising Data

Sep 20, 2018 / by Mariana Wille

Just a few years ago, only a few people in the financial industry had access to an individual’s banking data. Data was ‘owned’ by a few major players such as large financial institutions, and all access had to go through these information gatekeepers. Limited sharing of data has resulted in a stagnated offering of banking products to customers that have not significantly changed in decades: people are paying too much for their overdrafts or money sits in current accounts earning little, or sometimes even no interest. To summarise, customers are not happy.

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Topics: Tech, Credit scoring, Banking, Payments, Compliance, PSD2, GDPR

The Future of Banking; digitalisation, tailoring and blockchain.

May 9, 2018 / by Sarah Kok

Back in the day, spreadsheets were enormous sheets of paper, taking up office tabletops, with bankers pondering over them and making meticulous calculations. Then, as computers became the norm, these spreadsheets could fit onto a single screen – and progress has continued exponentially since; to a level where autonomous AI-based solutions can execute whole operations.

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Topics: Finance, Payments