Product update: New and Improved Instantor Frame

Posted by Aleksandra Khokhlova on 5/18/18 3:19 PM
Aleksandra Khokhlova

We're super excited to share our latest product update; our new and improved Frame. Clients who have tested it tell us that they've received positive feedback from their customers (our end-users), and that they love the improved user experience.

So, what's so great about this update?

We're loving it because it's: 

  • Brand agnostic
  • Adapted for optimisation
  • Eliminates bank usability issues
  • GDPR compliant
  • Will be rolled out for free (to all existing customer) 

How does it look?

Generic bank login screen


The team updated the frame so that it's now adapted for improved optimisation. It's brand agnostic, with a clearer display of bank logos making it easier for our client's customer's to find their bank. 

New bank selector


Our new bank login screen has a more minimised, paired-back look. This has shown to be better for optimisation and eliminates bank usability issues. It's also cleverly designed to be GDPR-compliant, with easily accessible terms of service and privacy policy. These links open in a new tab, allowing our clients to stay compliant in their on-boarding process, while minimising drop-out.

Can you explain the main feature updates? 

Brand agnostic

To avoid clashing with the parent site’s brand, Instantor doesn’t bring any of its own flavour into the frame.

  • Neutral colours
  • Excludes Instantor's logotype

Adapted for optimisation

The new update has a flexible frontend architecture that allows for:

  • A/B- and MVT-testing in multiple dimensions
  • Adaptations for example for cultural differences
  • Client customizations (not supported yet)

Eliminates bank usability issues

Our previous preferred approach mimicked the end-user's bank's looks. While this might have some trust-building advantages, a major drawback was that our frame inherited any usability flaws introduced by the bank in their login screen.

By switching over to a generic login page, we eliminate these issues. The generic solution might of course also bring some flaws but since we don’t have to stay true to any original, we’re free to actually solve the issues that we encounter.

GDPR Compliant


While generally see GDPR as good thing, it comes at the price of added interactions in the conversion funnel. Our goal is to be fully compliant with as little negative impact on conversion rate as possible.

While we expect the GDPR-components to cause at least some friction for the end-user, we’re doing our best to make up for any negative effects with the other improvements and continuous optimisation work.

Pre-step for some markets


While we plan to role this out to all markets, for some we see the need to test generic login screens more thoroughly. For these, we will instead add an extra step at the start of the Instantor flow. This will work both for those using pre-selected bank and for the regular flow. This extra screen effectively makes our current login solution GDPR-compliant. When the generic login is proven in these markets, we will seamlessly switch over.

Countries who will initially get the pre-step are Bulgaria, Latvia, Czechia, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia. In some cases, this screen can also be used for some clients that have heavily customised parts of the frame.


So that's it from the product side. And next week we have something big we're going to launch, so don't forget to stay tuned.

Stay cool until then. 

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