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Posted by Sarah Kok on 6/18/19 10:00 AM
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As part of our mission to augment the skill set of credit risk managers everywhere, we are stoked to launch a new educational platform. The Risk Rollers platform aims to spread knowledge and a deeper understanding of the credit risk management industry.

“We want to unleash the opportunities being opened up by PSD2 and the implementation of machine learning techniques to support the fair treatment of consumers in the finance industry. By facilitating this platform, we can educate and empower credit risk professionals and support them to democratise the financing system,” explains , CEO at Instantor.

Throughout 2018 we conducted research to understand the current state of credit risk management in Europe. The report was based on a survey conducted among top executes within leading financial organisations. The report revealed that 44% of financial professionals don’t understand the impact machine learning can have on operations.

The Risk Rollers platform will contribute to the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development as well as to our mission to democratise the financing system. “Identifying these findings prompted us to launch the educational platform to contribute to the United Nations Quality Education Goals for Sustainable Development. The Global Goals are something that both business and society should strive towards and, to which,  with our mission to democratise the financing system, we have been contributing to for a while. Launching the platform is another step towards promoting lifelong learning. Inclusive education is one of the most powerful tools to achieve The Global Goals as understanding technology and the jargon associated with it is becoming increasingly essential since technology is the biggest game-changer today,” shares Raiha Buchanan, Instantor CMO.

Instantor Risk Rollers

We believe so strongly in the power of technology that we have taken it upon ourselves to create this platform to help, not only credit risk professionals but consumers too. Through short films, webinars and glossaries we hope to help everyone to understand machine learning and get a deeper understanding of the lingo used in the FinTech world.

Among other things the platform highlights some of the significant benefits of implementing machine learning in credit risk management processes, these include, decreasing operational costs by up to 25% along with an increase in the bottom line by 27%. Instantor Risk Rollers

Check out our new platform here!

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