Instant Access: Now on the Ukrainian Market

Posted by Raiha Buchanan on 11/1/18 3:52 PM
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Our latest solution, Instant Access, gives you the power to analyse transactional data through PSD2. This data is used to digitalise credit risk processes – without requiring you to invest in any tech resources or spend any time on system integration. Moneyveo is the first lender in the Ukrainian market to use this solution and our very first partner in Ukraine. 

Instant Access: Now on the Ukrainian Market

Instantor is now operating in over 25 markets across the globe

Breakthrough in Lending With Smart APIs

Instant Access digitalises steps in the credit process of onboarding – like income verification, KYC and other risk processes – that used to be handled manually. With the loan applicant’s approval, Instant Access aggregates transactional data to give the financing organisation a more comprehensive foundation to make a well-informed decision. 

Benefits of using Instant Access:

  1. Secure: Instantor data has proven to significantly reduce the level of fraud.

  2. Increased acceptance: The credit institution has more information, allowing them to accept more good loans at less risk.

  3. Easy to use: Customers are smoothly onboarded with only a couple of clicks.

  4. No additional payments: There is no additional charge for consumers using the service.

“Customers are increasingly embracing consumer-centric online solutions that are fast and easy to use, this includes bank services. At Instantor we offer solutions that make it easier and faster for customers to prove their identity and financial capabilities online, as well as support lending organisations to make better risk decisions. Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Moneyveo in Ukraine and look forward to a prosperous collaboration.”Marcus Dahlman, Head of Sales, Instantor

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What's in it for our Clients?

With Instant Access's help, it's now possible for Moneyveo to verify their customers' identity online, which makes it smoother and quicker for the customers applying for a loan with them. Simply put, it's a win-win situation: it's a win for the customers applying for a loan because they will get fairer access to credit and a win for the financing organisation, which is able to more responsibly process credit applications – with no additional resources needed. 

Instant Access: Now on the Ukrainian Market

Online verification makes for a fast application. Image: Cara Fuller

Moneyveo is the first company in Ukraine to introduce high-tech processes into the credit risk process. We are rapidly developing at all stages and are always trying to be one step ahead in digital services. Our company is also fighting fraud by improving the process of identification and verification of the client." – Alyona Andronikova, Chief Executive Officer of Moneyveo 

Instantor provides the lending institute with transactional data – showing the customer's true financial capabilities.

This information supports lending organisations to make better-informed credit risk decisions. Instantor's API solution covers 95 percent of the Ukrainian banks today. 

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