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Posted by Simon Edström - CEO on 5/22/18 9:15 AM
Simon Edström - CEO
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Two weeks ago we gave you a sneak peak into the future of our products. We were so grateful to receive so much interest. And now, here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for!  We’re now ready to share our new product with you. So, we are proud to present; Insight.

Insight will change the way they approach credit risk management.

Is data a financial institutions most important asset?

Collecting data is best practice; according to Forbes, 53% of companies are adopting Big Data analytics strategies, with financial services leading the way. There is a vast sea of data out there, and Open Banking and PSD2  will make data even more of a commodity.

With data commoditised, it is the ability to interpret and extract meaning from this data that is valuable. The effective interpretation of data is what enables us to optimise, predict, and improve processes and experiences.

Instantor Insight commodity data

What if you could analyse your data and distill raw numbers into actionable insights?

Insight is an easy-to-integrate service, which will give you the ability to interpret and extract value from data. In only one month, we can identify which data is relevant and which you should be paying attention to.

“There are so many possible applications of PSD2 and transactional data but Insight shows how these can best be used for financial institutions to improve risk processes, which is what it is all about” Simon Edström, CEO at Instantor.

Insight can save your data science team months of work because it is built on our experience processing millions of loan applications, thousands of dedicated data science hours, and over seven years of developing predictive features.

Instantor Insight commodity data

Insight and Gini Coefficients

Insight is our easy-to-integrate service, consisting of predictive features based on machine learning and AI. With over 70 features that represent insightful patterns in banking data, Insight can be utilised to increase acceptance, decrease fraud, enhance efficiency and augment profits.

Gini Coefficient is used to calculate credit scores, and to evaluate the predictive power of credit scores. The higher the Gini score the higher the predictive power. Insight has proven to increase GINI by a minimum of 6 percentage points for new customers and 2 percentage points for recurring customers.

Read the impact of AUC and Gini on credit risk models here

Instantor Insight is available in Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Instantor is a Swedish Fintech. At the core of our solution is a digitalised financing process. We Replace a bewildering puzzle of forms and documents with a few clicks. To learn more about Insight please contact our team here.

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