Aleksandra Khokhlova

Aleksandra Khokhlova
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The Impact of AUC and Gini on Credit Risk Models

Jul 19, 2018 / by Aleksandra Khokhlova

This post is for risk managers who want to explore tackling underwriting challenges through an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (ML) toolbox. Here we examine two of the most popular tools for assessing the accuracy of a credit scoring models; Area Under the Curve (AUC) and Gini coefficient (Gini). We will briefly explain what AUC and Gini mean and how to interpret them in the context of credit scoring.

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Topics: Credit Scoring, AI/ML

Product update: New and Improved Instantor Frame

May 18, 2018 / by Aleksandra Khokhlova

We're super excited to share our latest product update; our new and improved Frame. Clients who have tested it tell us that they've received positive feedback from their customers (our end-users), and that they love the improved user experience.

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Topics: Product Updates