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The Impact of AUC and Gini on credit risk models

7/19/18 11:46 AM / by Aleksandra Khokhlova posted in Risk, Credit scoring, AI, ML

For several years, we at Instantor have helped consumer finance organisations make the most profitable decisions through our digitalised financing processes. We understand that your main challenges are in day-to-day operations: limited loan acceptance, fraud, bad loans, and default, and consequently, a reduced profit. In this article, we will dive into calculating risk to demonstrate how Instantor is helping clients reduce credit losses by a quarter.

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9 Ways our Relationship With Technology is Changing Forever

7/17/18 4:54 PM / by Raiha Buchanan posted in Tech, AI, ML

"Today, technology is an  integral part of our lives. Billions keep their smartphones glued to their sides, 24 hours a day. But, as technology becomes smarter, we will start to move beyond screens. A new paradigm will emerge, which will see our relationship with technology change forever."

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Consumer Finance Today: Latest Ebook Release

7/12/18 7:36 AM / by Sarah Kok posted in Compliance, Lending, GDPR, Finance, PSD2, Tech, AI, ML

Few industries are transforming as rapidly as the financial industry, with financial institutions striving to gain a competitive edge on their peers. Traditional analog methods are being left behind as industry leaders implement technology to improve speed, efficiency as well as to meet customer needs in an altogether more comprehensive manner. In this fast-paced and unique environment, how can you navigate the market successfully?

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Alternative Credit Scoring as a Force for Good

6/28/18 5:46 PM / by Sarah Kok posted in Credit scoring, Tech

An effective digitalisation process creates meaningful change through exciting new areas of technology. Many of the technical benefits of such a shift are apparent, such as better user experiences and faster load times. Technology is transforming economies, pushing companies to adapt and forcing governments to reconsider its implications. But what about the social benefits? What are some of the impacts of digital transformations on society?

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Building FinTech Unicorns: The New Face of AI

6/26/18 9:30 AM / by Raiha Buchanan posted in Marketing, Instantor news, Startups

Today, Instantor, the Swedish FinTech company making financial decisions easy, has launched a new global identity designed by Essen International. The new branding, described as Artificial Intelligence conceptualised into visual form, will be rolled out across our 25 markets in Europe, South and North America, and in Asia. As Instantor enters into an exciting phase, where we are expanding on all levels, from our team to our offerings, branding has never been more crucial.
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The Truth About PSD2's Impact on Banks

6/14/18 5:10 PM / by Mariana Wille posted in Compliance, Banking, Lending, GDPR, Finance, PSD2

PSD2 is reshaping the entire financial ecosystem all the way from traditional financial players to third-party providers (TPPs). The regulations will make it easier for technology companies, FinTechs and challenger banks to increase market share in a space that has been long dominated by banks. The resulting improved competition in the financial market, ultimately means more innovative solutions for both B2B and B2C customers. 

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What are AI and ML Really? - And how can They Help Your Business?

6/8/18 11:25 AM / by Raiha Buchanan posted in Data, product, Tech, AI, ML

Nowadays both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used interchangeably. Even though AI and ML are intrinsically related, to fully leverage the benefits for your business it is crucial to understand what they are. In this article we will give you the low-down of AI and ML:

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The Future of Tech, Unicorns and the Funnel!

6/4/18 5:23 PM / by Sarah Kok posted in Marketing, Instantor news, Startups, Tech

Recently, we were lucky enough to present at a local Stockholm event together with PHD Media and Google. The event focused on the topic of the future of technology. For technology nerds like us, this was an excellent opportunity to hear some alternative perspectives on the future.

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5 Common AWS and Security Startup Mistakes

6/1/18 11:40 AM / by Neven Vučinić posted in Security, Startups

Startups are a lot like teenagers. Remember when you were a teenager and your parents said something like "You'll understand when you get older," and how frustrating that could be? And then, years later you do understand and realise they were right? This is precisely how it is for startups; they are still learning how to do everything. This post is about one of those things teenagers (or should I say startups) don't understand yet. And they should!

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Could your late-night behaviour Impact Your Credit Score?

5/29/18 5:06 PM / by Sarah Kok posted in Risk, Finance, Credit scoring

Using transactional behaviour to calculate your credit score is not a new phenomenon. In fact, in a bid to make credit scoring fairer and more accessible to all, it is one of many alternative methods to traditional credit scores.

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